Save-A-Heart Nigeria Project in Northern Ireland: is an international medical humanitarian organization created by “TEAM NIGERIA”: volunteers from the Cardiothoracic Surgery Unit of the Royal Victoria Hospital Belfast. We help hospitals with capability in achieving self-sufficiency in surgical treatment of structural heart disease within The Nigerian community.

During our mission, we offer open heart surgery to all deserving patients, rich or poor irrespective of their ethnicity, religious belief or affiliation. We provide independent and impartial assistance to suitable tertiary medical institutions in Nigeria on development of affordable and sustainable open-heart surgery programme

Presently we are working together with cardiac surgery centre of The University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH) Enugu, Nigeria. We aim to teach, train and transfer skills necessary to sustain open heart surgery programme to the UNTH local team.

At the present time, neither the Nigerian government nor the country’s social service agencies can cope with provision of adequate healthcare to the countless number of people in need of open heart surgery because of limited resources, the burden and the cost of management of communicable diseases that are still very common within Nigeria.

Our Team works in association with our partner organization: VOOM Foundation, Duluth Minnesota USA. To learn more about the activities of VOOM Foundation in Nigeria; go to VOOM

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