Motto: Vise en espoir “Look forward in Hope” To do nothing is no longer an option.

We are motivated by the following Quotes

“We cannot continue to boast about the number of cases we do, as if increased volumes somehow bestow increased virtue, when we alone have the ability to add 75 years onto the lives of millions of children and yet choose not to do so. We have an obligation as uniquely talented individuals to change the boundaries of our thinking, the boundaries of our influence, and the boundaries of our efforts”By James Cox

“Before you came I didn’t know what to expect, I wanted to learn and I was ready. I felt you guys were too advanced and probably would have no time for us. I experienced the exact opposite, thank you for reaching out to us. Beyond anaesthesia I learnt a lot from you, you showed us humanity at its best, taught me to think, humility and devotion. I am no more the same. You lit a candle in me, and I’ll light others. I promise I will try my best to be a better person and anaesthetist. Thank you so much” By Dr Ikem Okonkwo Trainee Anaesthetist UNTH